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Public respect for the Will County Sheriff's Office hinges on professional conduct and preservation of internal discipline.  In an effort to ensure these concepts, the Sheriff's Office will respond expeditiously and responsibly to allegations of misconduct, malfeasance and nonfeasance by members and to public complaints of the department's response to community and individual needs.  Allegations of member misconduct can come from a variety of sources, including but not limited to, the general public.


(General Order No. 26.3 Adminstrative Complaint Review/Internal Affairs)

  1. Attempt to meet with or make arrangements to meet with the department member’s immediate supervisor. If the complaint does not concern any individual member however, instead pertains to a particular Department Policy or Procedure, request to see the Watch Commander:

    Enforcement: Laraway Road Station 815-727-8573
    Detention: Adult Detention Facility 815-740-1250

  2. If the complaint cannot be resolved by the member’s immediate supervisor, you will be asked to complete a form which, when completed, should identify the circumstances, nature, and the extent of the complaint. The “Verified Complaint Against the Department/Member” Form requests specific information which the department needs in order to make a thorough investigation.

  3. Complaints cannot be made on behalf of someone 18 or older. They must submit the complaint themselves, unless exigent circumstances exist.

  4. Anyone filing a complaint against the department or member must have the complaint supported by a sworn affidavit. This requires the complainant, once the form is completed, to sign the form in the presence of a notary public. However, refusal to do so will not automatically invalidate any such complaint or investigation.

  5. Persons who initiate written complaints shall receive written acknowledgement from the Sheriff’s Office.

  6. The status of the investigation shall be communicated to the complainant periodically and at its conclusion.

  7. All investigations shall be completed within forty-five (45) days from the time the written complain is registered. Exceptions shall only be granted by the Sheriff when extenuating circumstances are present.


Illinois State Law, Complaint Against Police Officers (50 ILCS 725/3.8 (b)), requires “Anyone filing a complaint against a sworn peace officer must have the complaint supported by a sworn affidavit. Any complaint, having been supported by a sworn affidavit, and having been found, in total or in part, to contain knowingly false material information, shall be presented to the appropriate State’s Attorney for a determination of prosecution. (Source: P.A. 97-472, eff. 8-22- 11.)”. This means you must prepare an Affidavit signed by a Notary Public. This document must be the original document.

Illinois Compiled Statutes, section 720 ILCS 5/26-1(4), states it is a criminal offense for any person to knowingly furnish false information or to transmit false information to a public officer knowing there are no reasonable grounds that such offense has been committed.

Transmits or causes to be transmitted in any manner to any peace officer, public officer or public employee a report to the effect that an offense will be committed, is being committed, or has been committed, knowing at the time of the transmission that there is no reasonable ground for believing that the offense will be committed, is being committed, or has been committed;


If you understand the above information and would like to proceed with the process of submitting a verified complaint, please click Yes, Proceed To The Form, otherwise if you would just like to inform us / make aware of a complaint, please click on No, Go To The Feedback Form

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