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Information on Incident Types

Incident Definition Example
Lost Article(s) When Property is lost or missing and not believed to be stolen. Property left somewhere as in a restaurant, gas station, etc.
Lost Drivers License When a drivers license is lost or missing and not believed to be stolen. Drivers license is left somewhere.
Lost License Plate When a vehicle owner discovers that the vehicle is missing a front or rear license plate.  
Theft under $300 Your property taken without your permission. ( DO NOT REPORT STOLEN FIREARMS ) Property known to be stolen and is valued under $300.
Identity Theft Someone using your personal identifiers, i.e. - Social Security Number, Drivers License Number, State ID to defraud a loan institution. A person uses your personal identity to obtain a bank loan.
Credit Card / ATM Card Fraud Someone applies for a credit card using your name. A person buys merchandise using a credit card that is NOT THEIR OWN.
Harassing Phone Call (No Suspect Information) Unwanted phone calls of an annoying or harassing nature and you do not know anything about the caller. Immediate hang-ups, obscene language, etc.
Damage to Property ( Non-Criminal ) Property has been damaged without any criminal intent. A snow-plow hits your mailbox.