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The Criminal Investigations section is comprised of thirteen detectives, two Computer Forensic detectives, three Civilian Support Staff, three Sergeants and a Lieutenant. The Criminal Investigation Section assigned 667 criminal cases to be investigated in the fiscal year of 2013, compared to 600 for the fiscal year of 2012.

  • Courtesy calls for FY2013 were at 1063 as compared to FY2012 with 1231 courtesy calls.
  • Felony arrests for FY2013 totaled 269, and in FY2012 there were 320 felony arrests.
  • Misdemeanor arrests for FY2013 totaled 430, for FY2012 there were 398.

For the FY2013 there was 667 cases assigned and 618 were cleared by arrest. For FY2012 there were 600 cases assigned and 580 were cleared by arrest.
The High Tech crime lab worked 142 cases and examined 173 pieces of media. During FY 2013, we added a Faraday box to our lab, and upgraded our celebrite cell phone system. We continue to partner with the States Attorney’s high tech crime unit and we worked several cases with them this year.

We are continuing to develop and cultivate more confidential sources for the Sheriff’s Office. The development of confidential sources greatly helped the Sheriff’s Office with the case involving the recovery of a departmental issued handgun, which had been stolen and used in a crime spree that resulted in a homicide in Joliet.

An evidence policy was developed for the Will County Sheriff’s Office. The policy was signed by the Sheriff and implemented department wide.

During the Fiscal Year of 2013 there were two incidents of homicide resulting in the deaths of three individuals that were investigated by the Criminal Investigation Section. Both of these Homicides were solved. In addition, one Officer Involved shooting was investigated, and is currently being reviewed by the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office.