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Online Reporting Verification Questions and Answers

Below are the questions that need to be answered to see if the report qualifies to be filed online.  Please take some time to honestly answer the following questions.  If you were answering the questions and redirected here, please look at the question you were just on and see why you can not file an online police report.

Question 1 - Is this an emergency or do you need police assistance now?
Question 2 - Did the incident occur in Unincorporated Will County and NOT in the village or city limits of your town/city
Question 3 - Have you previously reported this offense, either with an officer or on-line?
Question 4 - Do you know the suspect or have suspect information (person you think is guilty of the crime)?
Question 5 - Do you have physical evidence such as fingerprints, blood, etc., a license plate number, or photo or video?
Question 6 - Did someone enter your home, garage, vehicle?

Online Reportable Offenses

Question 7 - The ONLY reportable offenses that can be completed on-line are as follows:

  • Lost Article(s) (an item that was lost and NOT stolen or taken without permission)
  • Lost Driver’s License
  • Lost License Plate
  • Theft UNDER $300 (anything over $300.00 – contact the police)
  • Identity Theft
  • Credit Card/ATM Card Fraud
  • Harassing phone call (where there is NO suspect information)
  • Damage to Property (Non-Criminal) (Property that has been damaged without any criminal intent.)

IF the offense you are trying to report is NOT in the list, please call 815-727-8575 or your local police department to have a deputy or officer dispatched to take your report.

*****  Online police reports that are for the purpose of documentation to provide for example Insurance Companies, Banks and Utilities as a sworn affidavit that you were the victim of crime so that one’s claim may be processed. Crimes against persons, crimes with evidence and suspects that can possibly followed up on do not meet the criteria for online report please call 911 if it is an emergency or 815-727-8575 for non-emergencies to have a Deputy meet with you and take a report.  ****